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Uber Offering McLaren P1 Rides in New York City

Uber McLaren P1 Manhattan

This week starting from Tuesday and running through until tomorrow October 30, Uber is offering its users in Manhattan, New York City the chance to ride in a McLaren P1.

The initiative is helping to a promote a new TV show on National Geographic called Breakthrough, directed by the likes of Ron Howard, Brett Ratner, Peter Berg, Angela Bassett, Akiva Goldsman and Paul Glamatti. As alluded to by its name, the show will look at scientific innovations in areas such as energy, cyborg technology and brain science.

Manhattan Uber users can get involved by entering the promotional code ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ when ordering their ride. If they do so, they’ll be offered a free ride in an alternative-energy vehicle and one of those happens to be a McLaren P1 adorned with a special wrap. Also participating in the program is a BMW i3, Lexus RX hybrid, Tesla Model S, Lexus CTh, Porsche Cayenne Biodiesel and a Hyundai Tucson with a hydrogen fuel cell.



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