Private homes don’t come cheap in London, which according to many, is owing to the inflation caused by the overseas money and the limited availability of accommodation. Nonetheless, the region has some of the most stunning and lavish properties in England and one of them is this £10 million (approximately $15 million) apartment that gets a stunning panoramic roof terrace.

The house has been recently renovated and has three bedrooms along with attached bathrooms. There’s also direct entry through the lift, a hot tub, gym and a large reception room. It is centrally located, thus making it an enticing option for potential buyers. The design of the house follows a classic contemporary style with modern instruments and furniture. It’s tidy and gives a very luxurious feel.

While the price-tag may be considered too hefty, in a city like London this apartment will gather a lot of interest. It’s the financial hub of UK and many foreigners consider it an investment to buy properties in London.

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