Alfa Romeo Giulia developed in just two and a half years

Developing a car isn’t easy. For example, it took Lexus and the might of Toyota the better part of 10 years to create the extraordinary Lexus LFA. Other cars frequently take in excess of four to five years to develop. As for the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia however, the Italian firm has revealed it developed the car in a mere two and a half years.

Alfa Romeo initially began toying with the idea of a successor to the 159 with a front-wheel drive vehicle. However, that entire project was soon scrapped by Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne. He instead wanted a dramatically more advanced replacement and consequently employed a skunkworks team of just 10 people to develop the car.

While speaking with Car Magazine, the programme’s chief engineer Philippe Krief said “You ask every car maker: doing a car in two years, everyone will tell you it’s not possible. The industry standard says four, the longest say five years, everywhere in the world. We had to do it in two and a half years. Marchionne said – and he’s right – the only way to achieve that is to be different.”

Marchionne initially called up Krief to lead the development of the Giulia. Discussing the call, Krief said “It was 29 April 2013. I was working at Ferrari and received a phone call saying “You have to come and do the new Alfa, we have to do something totally different. So please take a bunch of guys, go somewhere and think about that. You have two years and two months!”

[Via Car Magazine]


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