VUHL 05 leading the pack

Among some of their customers and friends, lightweight sports car manufacturer VUHL recently went out in the city as on the highway to test their car, the VUHL 05, in normal use conditions. That is, not on track.

On their site, VUHL Automotive states that the invitation included the possibility of riding on the 05 or bringing a supercar along to test against it; or as they literally published, “to try and keep the pace”. During those rides many cars of all breeds showed up: Ferrari, AMG, vintage Jaguar, R8, Lotus… you name it.

For a track-ready, road legal supercar, it is quite a brave thing to do. VUHL Automotive had the intention to show how a raw, track focused car, could easily be comfortably used without compromising the performance at any point. As the news read, “To live up to -and exceed- our customers’ expectations is the way an ultra light vehicle makes a bold statement.”


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