Despite rumours suggesting that BMW is working on a crossover to sit below the X1 and to rival the Audi Q1, the German marque has announced that such a car isn’t being developed.

While recently speaking with Motoring at the Australian launch of the new BMW X5 M and X6 M, the head of product and market planning for BMW Australia, Shawn Ticehurst shot down the rumours started by a duo of German magazines.

Ticehurst said that any BMW crossover model positioned beneath the X1 would impede on a segment of the market already occupied by Mini and its various models.

Recent reports about the sub BMW X1 model suggested that the car would be dubbed the 1-Series Sport Cross and that it would adopt a more coupe-like profile. Additionally reports indicated it would be based around the marque’s UKL1 front-wheel drive platform and be offered with a number of petrol and diesel three and four-cylinder engines while also being offered with all-wheel drive.

[Via Motoring]

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