Jon Olsson’s unique and extremely recognisable Rebellion R2k is currently up for sale in Marbella, Spain. Having successfully completed two Gumball 3000 rallies, Olsson’s R2k is known globally for its brutish performance, stripped-back attitude and in-your-face styling.

As with all of Olsson’s supercars, he isn’t afraid to drive them and with that in mind, his Rebellion R2k has 29,000 km on the clock as well as an asking price of 249,000 euros.

For those that didn’t know, the Rebellion R2k is based off the Ultima GTR but only shares its chassis, doors and windscreen. Powering the car is a 600 hp strong engine mated to a quick-shifting paddle-shift transmission and with an overall weight of less than 1000 kg, the R2k is exceptionally quick and definitely seems better suited to the race track than the road.

Nevertheless, Olsson has enjoyed it on a plethora of road trips and is parting ways after recently unveiling his extreme Audi RS6 Avant DTM for this year’s Gumball 3000. Featuring significantly more horsepower than the Rebellion while also provided much more in terms of luxury, it is promising to be a real showstopper for Gumball 2015!

[Via James Edition]

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