Riva 88' Florida Superyacht with Convertible Hardtop

As a brand of the Ferretti Group, Riva Yacht are renowned for setting new trends in the yachting industry. Their newest yacht reaffirms that position by revealing a new concept with inspiration from 1980s styling. It’s called the Riva 88′ Florida, a 26.70 m (88 ft) convertible hardtop yacht that will set a benchmark for future yachts in this range.

The Riva 88′ Florida is inspired by the legendary Riva Bahamas which was the first model fully designed by Mauro Micheli – the current chief of design for Italian shipyard Riva Yacht. The first hull of the Riva 88′ Florida was completed in late 2014 ahead of its global debut early this year. The project was overseen by product strategy committee, Ferretti Group’s marketing department, Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design and Advanced Yacht Technology & Design (AYT&D).

The special feature of the Riva 88′ Florida is the new convertible hardtop design patented by the Ferretti Group and used for the first time on this model. It allows the Riva 88’ Florida to operate both as a convertible and coupe in three different positions. In open mode, the hardtop assumes the shape of the deckhouse covering the forward dinette. When anchored, the hardtop turns into a hard Bimini top covering the forward dinette while providing maximum sun shade.

Speaking about this design, Riva designer Micheli explained: “The idea of the convertible hard top is a relevant success from both a technical and a stylistic point of view. Thanks to the collaboration with AYT&D, the hard top has turned into an element that is invisible from the side, which can display its major function covering the outer living area without affecting the overall design of the yacht in the least.

“This system results from the match between the technical development of materials and movement and the stylistic research for an element which can enhance the personality of this yacht.

“The Riva Bahamas was the first yacht I imagined and designed on my own. It is a yacht from the 90s, but which is still appreciated today. I like to consider the Riva 88’ Florida as the new Bahamas. I decided to use some of the vintage materials of the 80s, wood in particular, especially for the interiors. I chose peach skin elm wood to convey a soft and cosy feeling.”

Riva 88' Florida Superyacht with Convertible Hardtop

The exterior of the Riva 88’ Florida features a wide range of leisure installations including two sun pads, a dinette and a large C-shaped sofa. The yacht is finished in a new shade of grey called ‘Regal Silver’. It was used for the first on their new flagship 122’ Mythos yacht. New mechanisms were applied to the onboard equipment room to make the launching of the tender and jet ski easier – Riva Yacht provides a Williams 385 and a jet ski as part of the 88’ Florida package.

The interior is nostalgically filled with stylings from the 80s and 90s just as the designer explained. The decorations feature old school wood, steel, leather and blue majestic lacquered inserts. The ceiling is painted white and fitted with LED lighting technology to illuminate different sections of the cabins. There are four cabins and four en-suite heads, the master suite is soundproof and treated to outstanding views of the ocean, not to mention its double walk-in wardrobe.

Riva 88' Florida Superyacht with Convertible Hardtop

At the heart of the Riva 88’ Florida are two engines supplied by MTU, rated at 16V 2000 M93, 2435 mhp. They are capable of propelling the yacht to a maximum speed of 38.5 and a cruising speed of 34 knots, with a range of 315 and 340 nautical miles respectively.

Speaking about the Riva 88’ Florida, Ferretti Group’s CEO Alberto Galassi said: “Whenever we develop a new project, we are faced with a tough challenge. But when this challenge regards a yacht under the Riva brand it’s like playing a World Cup final. The Riva 88’ Florida, whose construction is just about to start, is the embodiment of excellence, which Ferretti Group always sets as its minimum goal, striving to build new yachts that will truly make a difference on the market.

“And excellence, for Riva, is the standard. Even when choosing the name for this new yacht we decided to aim for excellence, by going back, after a careful evaluation, to the brand’s centuries-old tradition. Hence the name Florida: a name that reminds of a product that met with roaring success. Because Riva will be able to remain the icon of worldwide yachting only by going back to its origins and history.”

Riva 88' Florida Superyacht with Convertible Hardtop



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