The likelihood is that you know of the movie “A Night at the Museum”. It is a fictional movie full of fantasy and imagination. But what if this fantasy become reality? Mercedes-Benz invited us, together with other bloggers and photographers, to spend a night in their museum to experience something truly unique. Will the cars come to life?

The moment the doors closed to the public we were given unrestricted access to somewhere of the most secure and guarded places for an automotive enthusiast. It is our third time in the museum so we know the floor-plans like those of our homes, you just do not forget such places. For those who have never been privileged enough to visit the museum, let us explain. The museum is designed by UN Studio and was opened in 2006. The outstanding building contains three layers like a huge cake, which you see from the outside. When entering, it is bigger than you initially anticipate. When standing in the middle, you can look all the way up to the ceiling, to the 8 different floors located around the quadrangle.

With a long night in front of us with plenty of time we start the evening with our own quick tour through the museum. There are three elevators which bring you from the first floor all the way up to the top in one elevation. The route brings you through 125-years of automotive history, where you can frind approximately 160 vehicles and more than 1500 museum pieces. From the very first car to where the Mercedes name was established to the latest machines including race cars, concept cars, trucks and cars owned by famous people and a-list celebrities. After 01:00 the whole museum went totally dark, the night was about to begin.

One of our favourite car at the museum are the Mercedes-Benz SSK, Super Sport Kurz. We saw this car when partaking in the Mille Miglia 2014.


Another favourite is the 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé which is not only the most beautiful car of the museum, but also probably the most expensive car in the world. We cannot confirm this because the car was never sold…


The Mercedes-Benz T80 is the most impressive car we saw on the night. The car is mounted to the side of a wall and was developed and designed by Ferdinand Porsche. It was built to break the world land speed record but sadly due World War II it never made the attempt.


After hours of walking and sitting looking at cars our eyes began to droop, our eye lids too heavy. It had been a very long day for us so we decided to get our camping gear, search for a sleeping place and try to get some hours sleep, something that we imagine very few have ever done in a museum. As a few of the other night visiter has opted not to call it a day, we surreally chose to sleep before a few trucks to avoid being disturbed. Sadly no vehicles came to life that night and no ghosts had been spotted. The cleaning lady was our wakeup call after three hours of sleep which brought our unreal night to an end.

We would like to thank everyone from Mercedes-Benz who made this very unique experience possible!

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