Nissan GT-R Collection at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

The Tokyo Auto Salon is essentially Japan’s very own version of the SEMA show and as a result, it always brings together some of the most outlandishly modified sports cars and supercars on the face of the earth.

Nissan GT-R Collection at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

One of the most popular cars among the various Asian tuners at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 has been the home-bred Nissan GT-R with a multitude of highly modified examples attracting crowds from all corners.

Among the Nissan GT-Rs on display are a selection of race-spec models designed specifically for the track and to be among the fastest cars on four wheels around the world. On the other hand, many GT-Rs from the Toyko Auto Salon this year feature outlandish bodykits, paint finishes and wraps to really make them stand out!


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