Indonesian Craftsman Creates Wooden Bugatti Veyron

Because just 450 examples of the Bugatti Veyron will ever reach production and due to its sky-high price tag, the legendary French hypercar has become a favourite for replica car manufacturers all around the world. We’ve seen some interesting and driveable Veyron replicas in the past but the following example made entirely out of model has got to be the most impressive.


Obviously created solely as a work of art rather than a driveable machine, this Veyron replica was made in Indonesia from scrap pieces of teak. It was made entirely from hand and even features a wooden interior to mimic the Veyron with it even including functional paddle shifters, pedals, gear lever and steering wheels.

It apparently cost 40 million Indonesian Rupiah to create the car which translates into just over $3300 in the U.S. The car is apparently being made for a customer in Germany.

[Via autonetmagz]

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