Porsche: a brand that relies on more than 50 years of innovation and racing excel, has been gaining high-end buyers since they started loading their cars with much more than racing heritage and have made luxurious versions of their sports cars. Such is the case with the Cayman and Boxster, cars that can actually be ordered with very little equipment at a base price and that could well serve as lightweight racers with minor tweaks to them, but that are now on a whole new level of sporty luxury since Porsche brought to the world the best version of those mid-engined sports cars yet: the GTS.

During this Part One of the Porsche Driving Experience, we’ll be going through images of the event’s day zero: that’s when the press gets access to the cars on the track with Porsche staff, a whole lot of technical data and some press-exclusive activities that are planned to make their GTS experience richer. For the following days of the event, Porsche invites dealers to bring some of their select clients with their own cars on a different approach, that is, to test the complete model range and then have an exclusive track day; we will cover that experience on Part Two, with a whole different image gallery.

The official gallery Porsche de México has prepared for us is testimony of how fun the day was for the press invitees, who traveled to Puebla city the night before their time to test the cars, and were received by the brand’s team for a luxurious dinner at the hotel they would be staying for the night. After being received by the Porsche girls, who were as attractive as the new GTS models, dinner went on with a talk about the cars and what they could expect for the next day.

Of course a formal presentation of the GTS models was held, but who has ever had fun at those really? Porsche’s way of impressing the press is to take everyone to the very roots of the brand: the racetrack. The FIA certified Miguel E. Abed racetrack was the playground for expert drivers to show the vehicle’s capabilities and make the best out of every set of tyres they trashed. With a limited path of about half the total size of the racetrack, vehicles were set to be tested at the driver’s best, all led by a 991 GT3 that was being piloted by the staff. Cayman GTS, 911 Carrera S, Cayenne S, Macan S, Macan Turbo and Panamera S models were available for this part of the test. With the strict limitation of never turning traction control off, there was freedom to choose which car to drive and at what pace. Launch control was a favorite and several laps at the track made everyone eager to test the dynamics of the Cayman and Boxster GTS models.

Activities such as a timed slalom competition, drag racing (without using launch control), and a handling course were just half of the adventure as a wet track experience awaited for the Mexican press to test their guts while sports driving professionals pushed the cars to their limits. The images say much more than what words can express; it was all fun and games until it started to rain… and then it was all fun and games going through a wet racetrack on the same test cars we mentioned earlier!

Details on how the GTS variant differs from the common S model can be found on our in depth review of the Boxster GTS and if you’re interested on what we lived during this year’s Porsche Driving Experience in México, we can only say that a whole lot of drifting was involved.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feed because Part Two is going live soon and has got even more images, with track action and mad drivers. While you’re on it, why not share a thought at the comments section below?

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