Lamborghini Huracan

A video has emerged via Jason Thorgelson which shows a road rage incident which apparently occurred today in the Florida. Thorgelson explains that he spotted the Huracan headed in the opposite direction on a highway. He got off at the next junction, switched direction and caught up with the brand new supercar to get some exclusive on-the-road footage.

The driver of the Lamborghini obviously didn’t like this and we are told that he attempted to lose Thorgelson. Next thing we see, an Audi A8 has entered the scene seemingly trying to cut off and prevent any footage being filmed.


As Thorgelson explains:

As I approached the exit with the 2 cars behind me I was amazed the Audi forced his way on my right hand side and blocked my car from getting off the highway as the Lamborghini pulled in behind me. I have seen plenty of prototypes driving on the road well before production so I was shocked the driver of the Lamborghini was exiting the vehicle on the side of the highway and approaching my car. He immediately started yelling at me trying to intimidate me.

The video ends with Thorgelson calling the police. We are told that the Huracan fled the scene soon after with the A8 staying put for another couple of minutes. What isn’t clear is whether the two individuals involved were Lamborghini/VAG test drivers or whether the car belongs to a dealership or customer. We suspect that they aren’t Lamborghini test drivers as they don’t fit the stereotype.

Clearly though, if the driver doesn’t want the attention, why drive the car on public roads? We have contacted Lamborghini for comment and will keep you updated as and when we hear anything further.

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  1. 2 fat redneck with bitch titties don't deserve or Audi or lambos , fuck them ,their attitude sucks , all here we love cars , let's make it pleasurable

  2. What a jerk! You can press charges for menacing and battery if you want. You have his image and license plate number. I would follow through on it.

  3. I prayed that the Lambo driver shoot this guy in the face..twice . Why do you follow a car on the highway recording and shit like that? Are u an idiot? Go to a car show if u like that…Merica the land where u can sue everybody just because you are a spoiled piece of shit

  4. Did you involve the police – you have clear evidence for them attacking you. I would certainly get this fat ars fired … and potentially a public apology from the VAG.

  5. What the hell are you smoking??

    1. He pop a U-turn to rundown the Lamborghini…
    2. He video records the Lamborghini, BY HIMSELF, for roughly about 50 to 100 miles…
    3. The Lambo pops the clutch to outrun him and he chases the exotic down, filming all the way…
    4. Even with another car disrupting the idiots pursuit of a car, he continues to try to record the car… WHILE DRIVING!!!
    5. When the driver confronts him, because he is actually stalking this car (who knows the guy could be filming his next car he steals), this little punk CALLS THE COPS!!!

    Again… one of those types of men that starts trouble with the cops and asks why he is being arrested later.

  6. this is an effing stupid video. filming while driving to stalk and harass another car, and end up calling the cops to report harassment. what a genius

  7. Nothing that Jason did would warrant an arrest. He was on a public highway and not invading anyone's privacy. The guy in the Lambo reached into Jason's car and made contact with him. That is clearly an assault. I handle cases everyday for people who are in jail for far less. The way to handle a stalker isn't to become the aggressor. The moment that guy left his car, he was not longer the pursued. He became the pursuer and clearlyh could not control himself. The cops would have a heyday with the guy in the Lambo. Let him spend a day a night in jail – he won't be so tough then. Once he is out of jail – and quite a bit lighter in the wallet after paying bail and hiring a lawyer – he can handle the civil suit. He put the "little punk" in the driver seat by thinking he was too good to be filmed on a public road.

  8. Dana Larkin

    Let me follow you filming your car for 45 minutes… I bet you will be placing a call to your local finest. Did you know with that video alone I found out who own the car and where he lives??? Those are not dealer plates and exotics aren't driven to a dealership… they are shipped!

    Ever thought that the guy might just be a carjacker??

    Get out of the house more.

  9. If the driver of the Lambo was concerned about Jason, then he should have called the Police. He didn't. He tried to be a tough guy vigilante. The law does not help that sort of person. If he doesn't want people seeing his license plate, then he shouldn't drive out on a public road. Sounds like he has a pretty thin skin to m e. That guy tried to bully Jason. He shouldn't get away with it.

    I'll get out of the house more if you stop having paranoid delusions.

  10. Dana Larkin

    I think the guy is big enough to handle any situation without the aid of the police. I would have pulled over too and see what this guy wanted and why he was following me. Plus it is "Stand Your Ground" Florida?

    All I have to tell the cops is that this guy started following me and I was in fear of my life. They see the video… winning.

  11. Clearly, you have no legal training whatsoever. You lose the stand your ground defense when you become the aggressor. The moment that guy left his car he lost any potential stand your ground defense. If the guy doesn't want to get noticed, maybe he shouldn't be driving a Lamborghini. Once you put yourself out there, you can no longer dictate how you will be noticed. Trust me, I would have been happier had Jason gotten out of his car and knocked that guy on his ass. But he did the right thing and contacted the authorities. More power to him.

  12. based on what Jason Thorgelson said, "I've been driving and chasing this Huracan for about 45mins and just waiting for him to stop by a gas station for a refill so I could take photos and videos of it" (somewhere along those line), clearly he is fucking idiot! as much as I like to chase supercars myself, I wouldn't chase one for 45mins or more. i'd probably chase for a few seconds just to get it on the recorder and let the guy speed off. do you know that you are actually posing a threat to that Huracan owner? he calls for backup bcos you are following him for a long period of time. you're lucky his bodyguard from the A8 didn't pull you out and beat the shit out of you.

  13. Rodney Jacobs Rodney, as much as your is correct, but it doesnt correctly it here, You're looking at it the wrong way. the reason being he followed is because he spotted a FREAKING NEW Lamborghini. And again, as a car enthusiast, fuck yeah! i would like to continue looking at the car. And the two idiots have absolutely no rights to ask someone to get off the road, they are all equal and have no special rights.

  14. Rodney Jacobs , as much as yours is correct, but it doesnt correctly fit here, You're looking at it the wrong way. the reason being he followed is because he spotted a FREAKING NEW Lamborghini. Who wouldnt get excited??
    And again, as a car enthusiast, fuck yeah! i would like to continue looking at the car. And the two idiots have absolutely no rights to ask someone to get off the road, they are all equal and have no special rights.

  15. I could swear this is the vehicle we saw on SR 62 between CR39 and US301 Sunday (5/14/2014) morning around 7:00 a.m. heading West. (we were on bicycles stopped at Saffold when it passed us). Funny thing is, about 15 minutes later as we headed out to CR39, what I think was another one passed us as it pulled out of Bunker Hill Rd. The first one was dry, the second one was covered in dew, so I don't think it was the same. Now i'm really curious.


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