Hypercars are considered to be the pinnacle of automotive performance, a world where a handful of manufacturers are able to not just think out of the box, but redefine standards in the industry. Sourcing or finding such highly strung speed machines is never easy. Meet SuperVettura a supercar dealership that houses some of the rarest and most valuable metal on the planet.

The showroom itself bares the name of an establishment that has been operating on the same site for decades that SuperVettura recently acquired. The site looks like nothing out of the ordinary. It sits subtly opposite a pizza shop on a quiet highstreet. Yet the site that meets the eye when entering the showroom is far from ordinary!

Swivelling from left to right, a white Mosler that looks like a LeMans car, a simple Ferrari California, a white Koenigsegg Agera, Ferrari 599 GTB, Pagani Zonda F, BAC Mono and finally, one of just 15 Lamborghini Reventon Roadsters. Millions upon millions of pound of supercars packed tightly in a dealer no larger than your average used car dealer. Visiting SuperVettura at Sunningdale Motors is a must, its not everyday that you see a Reventon Roadster parked alongside a Zonda F and Agera!


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