NCE Claims to Have Received 100 Convertible Tesla Model S Orders

When we look at it, the last thing we think about is wanting a convertible version of the Tesla Model S. After all, how many convertible sedans are out there. Nevertheless, Newport Convertible Engineering reports that it has received 100 orders for Model Ss to have their roofs cut off. Amazingly, all 100 orders have come from a single Chinese investor.

Newport Convertible Engineering claims that it took six months to develop the convertible Tesla Model S and plans on putting it into production in July this year. It will be made in California, Dubai and Barcelona. Interestingly, it isn’t yet known of NCE will simply convert Model Ss from these regions into convertibles or if it will buy 100 examples from Tesla themselves and then begin the conversions.

However, NCE has confirmed that it is looking for Tesla Motors to join it in creating 5,000 Tesla Model S Convertibles “for a worldwide demand”. A complete announcement is set for April 18th.

Newport Convertible Engineering will offer two convertible variants of the Model S. The first, set to cost around $29,000 will feature a traditional soft top while a hardtop convertible variant will also be made available for $49,000.

It is unclear if Newport Convertible Engineering has actually created any Model S Convertibles just yet but expect to see the first in coming months!

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