For Sale: 1 of 10 McLaren 12C High Sport Edition

When the McLaren 12C High Sport was first announced, just five units were destined for production. However, due to extra demand for the limited run British supercar, McLaren lifted that figure up to 10, 4 of which have headed to the United States. Now, a stunning white example is currently up for sale from McLaren Newport Beach in California.

For Sale: 1 of 10 McLaren 12C High Sport Edition

This McLaren 12C High Sport has covered just 4,713 miles and like all other High Sport’s, features a host of incredible upgrades compared to the standard 12C. Most notably, it is said to have an extra 75 hp when compared to the standard 12C meaning it produces just 1 hp less than the Lamborghini Aventador. While official performance details about the McLaren 12C High Sport have never been released, acceleration and top speed have both been inevitably improved thanks to this increase in power.

From a visual standpoint, the 12C High Sport is also significantly different from the standard car. At the front, it features a new bumper incorporating loads of carbon fiber and new dual carbon fiber canards. It also features new fins on the front wheel arches and at the rear, includes a new carbon fiber rear diffuser as well as a host of matte black accents.

For Sale: 1 of 10 McLaren 12C High Sport Edition

Be sure to check out the listing below for more details!

[Via McLaren Newport Beach]

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