SuperVeyron and Galibier Axed But Hybrid Bugatti Veyron Replacement Possible

A few months ago, both the Bugatti Galibier and highly rumoured ‘SuperVeyron’ were confirmed not to be in the French automaker’s sights. Now, while speaking with TopGear, company boss Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber has once again confirmed that neither of these cars will be produced.

When discussing the so-called SuperVeyron, Schreiber said, “We will not produce a ‘SuperVeyron’ or Veyron Plus, definitely. There will be no more power. 1200PS is enough for the chapter of Veyron and its derivatives.”

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While talking about the Bugatti Galibier and its fate, he said, “We have talked many, many times about the Galibier, but this car will not come because […] it would confuse our customers. With the Veyron, we placed Bugatti on top of all super-sportscar brands in the whole world. Everyone knows that Bugatti is the ultimate super sportscar. It’s easier for current owners, and others who are interested, to understand if we do something similar to the Veyron [next]. And that is what we will do. There will not be a four-door Bugatti.”

However, it is here where we get to the most interesting news. When quizzed about the Veyron’s incoming replacement, Schreiber said that it doesn’t have to worry about the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 Spyder. All the Veyron’s replacement has to out-perform is the current car. “It has to redefine the benchmarks,” he said, “and the benchmark today is still the current Veyron. We are already working on it.”

When quizzed about whether or not the car would utilise a hybrid powerplant similar to those used by Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche, Schreiber sneakily said “Maybe” with a smile. He continued, “But it’s too early to open the door and show you what we have planned. For now we have to keep the focus on the current Veyron, and help people to understand that this really is the last opportunity to get the car, which will have run for ten years from 2005-2015. Then we will close this chapter and open another one.”

[Via Top Gear]

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