Chinese Matte Brown Mercedes-Benz C-Class is Sickening

Wrapping your car in matte black is pretty cool, especially if it is a Lamborghini Aventador. Feel like wrapping your car in matte blue, matte grey or matte white? Fair enough. But wrapping a Mercedes-Benz C-Class is matte brown? No thanks.

Well, unfortunately a Chinese owner did exactly that with their C-Class and the car was recently spotted parked near the Solana shopping mall. Additionally, this Mercedes-Benz C-Class features a matte black front grille from Brabus and matte black wheels. Making these modifications even worse are Brabus badges.

Chinese Matte Brown Mercedes-Benz C-Class is Sickening

Completing these changes are black wing mirror caps as well as strange orange foglights.

[Via Car News China]

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