The Morgan 3 Wheeler is like no other car on sale today. Having just three wheels means that this car feels like nothing else when driven in anger but it certainly is not as old-fashioned as it looks and is possible the most fun you can have on the road a sensible speeds. There really is nothing like dressing as a World War I fighter pilot and tearing down country roads with the wind in your hair and goggles over your eyes! This gentlemen took his example to the infamous Nurburgring. He would not have been the fastest around the green hell but would have had a lot of fun!

The basic setup is a super lightweight construction with a 56-degree V-twin motorcycle engine up front. Originally the power was intended to come from Harley Davidson, but the U.S. business unit of the motorcycle maker decided otherwise. So Morgan changed their supplier to S&S, a Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson tuner extraordinaire. The engine is closely based on the X-Wedge V-twins they produce for Harley-Davidson. The two-valve, fuel-injected unit punches out 115hp and 135Nm of torque with peak revs at 5,200rpm. The sub-500kg kerb weight allows the 3 Wheeler to reach 100km/h in around 4.5 seconds.


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