1000hp Twin Turbo Ultima GTR by Heffner Performance

Tuners Heffner Performance have traditionally have a one goal with all the cars they work on. Make it very very powerful! The car in question this time in one that has been designed to produce masses of downforce in conjunction with a body that weight just 990kg’s with an engine that produces 640hp, the Ultima GTR.

The standard car already has a better power to weight ration than a Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo and Koenigsegg CCX but that was not good enough for Heffner Performance. They have fitted a TT (twin turbo) system that means this feather wight track weapon now puts down “over 1,000rwhp’!

Weighing so little and producing so much power must make this GTR one of the most intimidating and fearsome cars around. We would certainly feel a lot more comfortable in Heffners 1,200hp TT Gallardo!

1000hp Twin Turbo Ultima GTR by Heffner Performance



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