Video: Bugatti Veyron Almost Bottoms Out On Tow Truck

Although supercars have the performance many of us dream of, sometimes the practicality of the cars are less than ideal. From the cost of gas, to maintenance costs, and in the case of the Bugatti Veyron, the cost of tires- which is in the neighbourhood of 30-40 thousand dollars per 10,000 miles. With astronomical prices such as these, many owners keep their exotics stationary in garages; and when required to move, the cars are towed. In many instances for the Bugatti Veyrons, it makes more financial sense to have the car towed instead of driving it as the cost of tires, and the required 10,000 miles maintenance check-up sums up to $70k.


Shared amongst all supercars is the minimal amount clearance distance they have. The Bugatti has a lift system which marginally improves it’s ground clearance ever so slightly by a couple centimetres. Having the Bugatti towed is easier said than done as the procedure to load the hypercar on to a flat bed requires multiple miniature ramps to slowly load the Bugatti on to the truck. At times, boards or ramps are kicked up in the process. The term kick up refers to the supports underneath the wheel sliding back due to the lack of grip with the ground and the immense amount of power the car is producing.

This Bugatti Veyron almost bottomed out as one of the ramps aiding in the load in process kicked out from beneath a rear wheel. Luckily the ramp stopped sliding as the car was about to fall off. Can you imagine the repair costs of this potential mistake?

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