Chevrolet Camaro T-Top Flies Off During Drag Race!

Very few would deny that drag racing comes with its own unique set of dangers. There’s the chance of spearing off the drag strip in tricky conditions. Or you could even unexpectedly pull a massive wheelie and then crash into the concrete barriers. One danger you’d probably never associate with drag racing is having half a car’s T-Top flying off!


Well, during a recent drag racing event at Palm Beach International Raceway, that happened to a 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro where its T-Top flew off mid-race as it was not securely held down. While the owner of the Camaro would probably disagree, the incident was all the more exciting as it was all filmed from a GoPro actually attached to the inside of the T-Top!

The result is an insane video which clearly shows the roof being ripped off the car and spiralling 30ft into the air before shattering on impact. The clip then concludes with one of the track officials greeting the still operating GoPro!

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