The Porsche 911 GT2. Possibly the most insane car that Porsche makes. The 997 GT2 was sure a handful to drive and really pushed drivers to their limits, rewarding them with a very unique and rewarding experience. The GT2 is essentially a 911 Turbo with a few upgrades. As we recently found out when testing the Turbo and Turbo S, they are extremely quick and powerful. Envisaging a rear wheel drive version with more power, lets say around 580bhp (20 more than the Turbo S), sounds like a very scary proposition but we are sure that the Porsche engineers will create an awesome car!

Rumours and figures are very illusive at the moment and Porsche have not uttered much info about the 991 GT2 but ¬©PERFECT FINISH have created this render of what the GT2 could look like based on the changes the 997 featured and it certainly looks like an extreme piece of kit. We can’t wait!

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