As it stands, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia is quite a unique Italian supercar straight from the factory, no matter of its paint color. After all, The 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia features an uprated version of the 4.3-liter V8 engine found in the regular Ferrari F430. However, this potent, high-revving powerplant has been uprated to now produce 508hp at an insane 8500rpm.

Combine that with a rear wheel drive system and an advanced semi-automatic six-speed transmission which can shift in just 60 milliseconds, and the technology behind the Ferrari 430 Scuderia still makes it an extremely impressive beast to this very day.

Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spotted in California

Bernardo Macouzet Photography recently stumbled upon arguably the world’s most unique Ferrari 430 Scuderia with this Tiffany Blue example being spotted for sale at Ferrari Newport Beach in California. In addition to this one-off Tiffany Blue paint scheme, this Ferrari 430 Scuderia features white wheels as well as white racing stripes!


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