Georgian Drifter Giorgi Tevzadza Killed in Crash

The insane Georgian drifter, Giorgi Tevzadze we featured numerous times here on GTspirit racing his BMW M5 E34 through the crowded streets of Georgia has sadly been killed while in the passenger seat of that very same BMW M5 E34.

While the crazy driving stunts performed by Tevzadze were indeed very exciting to watch, all his antics were filmed on public roads meaning he was literally putting the lives of hundreds of people at risk just for a quick thrill. While we here at GTspirit obviously don’t condone such driving, Tevzadze obviously had impressive car control and no one deserves to die in such an horrific way.

Current reports suggest that the crash occurred after one of Giorgi’s friends behind the wheel of his BMW M5 lost control and slammed passenger side first into a tree killing the Georgian. The driver managed to survive the high-speed crash.

Giorgi Tevzadze was just 26 years old and had recently married making his passing all the more tragic.

The BMW E34 M5 Tevzadze owned was powered by a straight-six engine with either a 3.6-liter or 3.8-liter capacity depending on its age. Either way, the BMW E34 M5 could hit 60mph in around 6.2 seconds. While BMW’s are known for their safety, the safety features obviously couldn’t save Tevzadze.

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