Video: Crazy Georgian BMW M5 Drifter Returns in Part II

A couple of weeks back, we brought you one of the craziest street drifting videos ever, which involved a Georgian in an old BMW M5 tearing up the country’s city streets. Just after that video went live, Georgian authorities reportedly cracked down on the driver and cancelled his license but not before a second part of the original video was produced.

The second part involves many of the same driving stunts as the original video and unquestionably puts an equal amount of lives at risk as the first. If that wasn’t stupid enough, the video then shares the driver’s name, which is Giorgi Tevzadze meaning the man behind the wheel should be expecting the police to knock on his door any day now.

At one stage, the crazy driver can be seen swerving through a traffic jam while talking on his cellphone! If this sounds too ridiculous to be true, then be sure to check out the video, which the channel claims will be Tevzadze’s last illegal driving adventure.

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