Jerusalem Plays Host to Peace Road Show

Up to 100,000 excited spectators recently gathered in the holy city of Jerusalem for the very first Jerusalem Peace Road Show which brought together some incredible supercars, most notably a Scuderia Ferrari Formula One car!

The stunned crowd was treated to awesome driving demonstrations from the Formula One car as well as a selection of other racing and road cars from Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari with even an official Audi DTM car attending this historic event in one of the world’s most contested and volatile cities.

For the event, a specific near two-mile course was constructed for the cars to race through, a sight which thrilled many spectators. One father told CBN news “”It’s wonderful. Even the noise is wonderful. I’ve been working on Formula One [cars] in France and I was bringing my daughter to watch and to hear the noise. It’s exhilarating.”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat then mentioned how this historic event would make Jerusalem a better city, “There’s no doubt in my mind if you as reporters will find looking around Jews, Muslims and Christians all focusing on a common denominator of how sports gets people together, the love of cars, the love of people,” Barkat said.

“And that is why the Formula One Peace Road show, I believe, will make Jerusalem a better place, make more people friends and send the message that Jerusalem is open for all of us to enjoy,” he added.

Photo credit goes to Ilia Yefimovich.

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