Henrik-Fisker Resigns

Amidst Fiskers current financial troubles which include the company edging ever closer to bankruptcy, prices for used Fisker Karmas have tumbled to almost half of what they were originally sold for.

In fact, some Fisker Karmas are now for sale at less than $50,000 and with Fisker almost definitely resigned to the history books and its battery supplier, A123 Systems also bankrupt, owners are clearly concerned that if anything goes wrong with the electric sedan, proper servicing will be almost impossible to find.

Fiskers problems initially started late last year when the aforementioned A123 Systems went bankrupt, before Fisker founder, Henrik Fisker officially left his position as company CEO. Additionally, Fisker Automotive was then forced to lay off approximately 80 per cent of its staff which then issued a federal lawsuit against the company after being dismissed without notice.

The drop in Fisker Karma prices is effecting those who invested millions into the company hoping it would be a worldwide success ever harder than most and despite around 2,500 Fisker Karmas being produced throughout 2011 and 2012, some dealers remain hopeful that units will now be offloaded due to their lower prices.

Dealer from Fields Auto Group in Chicago Bill Michlin said, “Anybody who wanted this car before because it was knock-down gorgeous, but couldn’t afford it, well now they can afford it.

“The car is a pleasure to drive, it has horsepower beyond belief for an electric vehicle and it’s so fun and so gorgeous. And now it’s available,” he said.

[Via NBC News]


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