In a recent interview with Car and Driver, BMW M-Division boss Friedrich Nitschke has revealed that the current generation M3 is sold out worldwide.

The current generation M3 will remain in production for another six months, but all cars have already been accounted for. So, for all intents and purposes, the car is sold out according to Nitchske.

Further into his interview, Nitschke also mentioned that any future engines fitted to M-badged cars will be more closely related to the engines of core BMW models, but will be modified “for the specific needs of M customers.”

He also downplayed the possibility of an all-wheel drive version of the M3, citing that such a modification would require too much of a compromise in the M3’s performance. And with the sales of Audi’s RS line of all-wheel drive performance cars nowhere near the level of BMWs, Nitschke has little reason to pursue an AWD option.

Nitschke, however, did speak highly of a future high performance three-cylinder engine that would be specifically tuned for M division vehicles. We will keep you posted as that interesting development takes shape. A an engine as lightweight as a three cylinder could provide a massive performance boost in weight savings alone. Now to see if they can manage any significant horsepower out of the package.


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