British car manufacturer Bristol is currently developing a new supercar which Autocar reports will hit 200mph and achieve figures of 100mph in town.

The new Bristol supercar coupe has yet to be released yet alone teased, but it’s currently believed that the Bristol supercar will borrow the powertrain from the 2009 Giugiaro Namir Supercar Concept.

What this means is that the Bristol supercar will have four separate motors, each driving a wheel mated to an additional 800cc Wankel rotary engine charging up the plethora of lithium-ion batteries.

Bristol is currently owned by Indian technology entrepreneur Kamal Siddiqi who believes the car will be ready to debut in concept form before 2013 is out. Furthermore, Siddiqi believes that production will be at least several hundred cars each and every year with each to cost under 200,000 pounds.

The Bristol supercar will be approximately the size of the current Bentley Continental GT.

When discussing the powertrain for the Bristol supercar, Siddiqi said, “Our system is entirely our own concept. The hardware, the algorithms, the software, the battery pack and the multiplexing are all our own. This approach is better than depending on proprietary parts, which are rarely ideal for our particular applications.”

[Via Autocar]



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