Video: Crazy Russian Audi R8 Driver Putting Lives at Risk

Thanks once again to the prevalence of dashboard mounted video cameras in Russia, yet another stupid driving encounter has occurred, this time between a Mazda 3 and an Audi R8.

The video calmly begins with the Mazda 3 owner letting a pedestrian owner cross the road much to the distaste of the Audi R8 driver behind.

This then triggers the Audi R8 driver to vent his frustration by continually swerving in front of the Mazda 3 and slamming the car’s brakes on causing the Mazda 3 to come within inches of rear-ending the expensive German supercar.

This all leads to a crescendo at the 2:30 mark, when the Audi R8 swerves in front of the Mazda 3, bringing it to a complete stop just after exiting a busy roundabout.

We have no idea what the Audi R8 driver was trying to achieve, but it certainly makes for some interesting viewing!

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  1. Well, you find it interesting and unusual… I see that kind of behaviour EVERY day in Buenos Aires… If you want videos like that and you find them amusing, well, shooting Buenos Aires traffic is your goal!!!


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