Lawsuit over Damaged Cars From Hurricane Sandy Between Fisker and Insurer Finally Over

With all the bad news Fisker has faced lately, it’s all but assured that the American electric car company is officially on its way out, and unless a miracle investor pops up in the next few weeks, Fisker will be resigned to the scrap heap of failed automotive manufacturers.

The downfall of Fisker all started when its primary battery manufacturer, A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy last year, effectively leaving Fisker with no way of powering it electric Karma sedan.

And with the company seemingly dead, a study released by research firm PrivCo has discovered that Fisker spent approximately $660,000 on each and every Fisker Karma it produced. This doesn’t mean that each Karma cost $660K to produce, but has been calculate by simply dividing the approximate 2,500 cars produced with all the money spent by Fisker.

This equates to over six times the price of a customer-delivered Fisker Karma and it doesn’t take an economic genius to understand that a major car manufacturer simply cannot operate for any extended period of time with those kinds of figures.

So long Fisker, it was intriguing while it lasted.

[Via Autoblog]


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