TopCar Porsche Carrera 4/4S

The Porsche 911-991 series is still new, comes at a time when the company is celebrating the 50th anniversary for the 911 model. Tuners on the other hand are geared towards developing programs for the new 911-991 series, TechArt showed us one already at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 but as we know, Porsche tuners are abundant in numbers; Russia-based TopCar has previewed their very own build on the same car.

The TopCar Porsche Carrera 991 4/4S Widebody tuning program is in due process and their latest photos reveal that the car has been stripped and 3d scanned, the clay modeling has just started. The tuner has said that the car will be ready by June 2013 and will make its North American debut at the Pebble Beach Concourse in August 2013. Stick around on this space as we shall reveal any information from the tuner in regard to this build.

TopCar Porsche Carrera 991 4/4S Widebody Tuning Program

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