Afrojack Ferrari 458 Italia Crash

Dutch DJ Afrojack has crashed his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia just 44 minutes after taking delivery. The above picture was posted on his twitter feed earlier today with the caption “Ok that sucks, good thing were all ok!!!! lesson in life: dont drive a ferrari in shit weather!”

It seems Afrojack had chosen the Ferrari 458 Italia as a replacement for his Audi R8. The switch from all-wheel drive quattro to Italia rear-wheel horsepower proved too much of a learning curve in the depths of Dutch winter.

Fortunately, as the photo reveals, neither Afrojack or his passenger were hurt. The damage to the car is fixable and the damage to his pride will wear off after a while!

His last twitter update read:

Have to take rear wheel drive lessons, 458 is a monster compared to the R8!

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