Lingenfelter Performance Engineering ZL1 Camaro Hits 202mph

The new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is not only considered the most technologically advanced Camaro to date, but also the highest-performing production Camaro of all time. Camaro specialists and crate engine builders, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, raced one of their ZL1 Camaros on an 8.5 mile oval track at the Continental tire proving grounds in Uvalde Texas.

The run was completed by David Freiburger from Hot Rod Magazine who recorded a maximum speed of 202.67mph. This was the same ZL1 that was the first to dip into the 10’s in the 1/4-mile. LPE currently offers three packages for the ZL1 Camaro namely the Camaro 378 CID ZL1 Supercharger System Upgrade with 630hp, the Camaro 378 CID ZL1 Supercharger System Upgrade with 650hp and Camaro 378 CID ZL1 Supercharged Engine Package with 700+hp.

With the camera placed inside the Camaro while he made the run, you get to move along until he when he hits the 202mph mark!

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