Video: EVO Magazine Looks at Hennessey's World Record

Videos detailing Hennessey Performance’s recent world acceleration record set in the Venom GT continue to flood in, with the latest coming from EVO Magazine, who just like DRIVE, were on hand to witness the Venom GT demolishing the Koenigsegg Agera R’s 0-300km/h sprint.

Richard Meaden was on hand to witness the record breaking runs in the Venom GT which manages to pump out 1100hp at the rear wheels, which equates to approximately 1,244hp at the flywheel.

In addition to Meaden taking an in-depth look into the Venom GT’s new world record, he was also thrown the keys to car by John Hennessey himself and giving the opportunity to drive the 1,244hp Roadster to well over 200mph in under 1 mile!



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