Hennessey Venom GT Claims 0-300km/h World Record

Back in early September, 2011, the Koenigsegg Agera R set a new 0-300km/h world record completing the feat in just 14.53 seconds. However, the team at Hennessey Performance recently eclipsed this world record sprinting to the 300km/h mark in just 13.63 seconds in their Venom GT.

Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire and Tuned on YouTube was on hand to witness the Guinness World Records certified feat and claims the Venom GT hit 300km/h in 13.18 heading downwind and 14.18 seconds upwind, with Guinness then using the average to work out the record time.

The whole accomplishment was captured by Drive on YouTube and is set to feature in a new episode in two weeks’ time.

Farah went on to state that the Venom GT then hit 200mph or 320km/h in just 14.5 seconds and even though Guinness doesn’t certify such a statistic, that is significantly faster than the Agera R which hit the same speed in 17.68 seconds.

What makes this even more extreme is the fact that Hennessey Performance is currently planning a new Venom GT which will pump out 1,500hp!


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