Mercedes SL Sidewinder by Renown A.S.

Mercedes SL Sidewinder by Renown A.S.

Long Beach, California-based tuning house Renown A.S. has released the first images of their widebody kit for the R230 Mercedes SL-Class. The package, called the R230 Sidewinder includes options for three different style rims, along with optional carbon fiber trim panels.

At a quick glance, this package looks eerily similar to that of the SL65 Black Series. If you can believe it, however, the car is ten inches wider than an SL 65 Black and an inch wider than the massively wide Lamborghini Murcielago. The upgrade package includes all the necessary extras needed in such an extreme widebody modification.

Updated body panels include, but aren’t limited to, front bumper, hood,¬†front fenders, side skirts, rear bumper and a custom diffuser.¬†The vehicle features 20 inch Renown RX10-C wheels with a 10.5 inch width in front and a 13 inch rear.

Renown typically focuses on tuning Lamborgihni’s, but has recently saw the opportunity to branch out to other brands, like Mercedes. Renown President Ray Fong went to great lengths in ensuring quality construction of their kits, and stated:

We wanted to stay away from what everyone else on the market was doing with the typical production methods. The production costs are much higher from the other methods and we actually have everything made in the United States and are committed to that route. The aerospace industry in the United States is considered the elite leader in composites and there is no reason it can’t be considered such in the automotive aftermarket.



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