Oakley Design’s latest Lamborghini Aventador conversion has been officially unveiled. This is the second of ten Lamborghini Aventador Oakley Design LP760-4 Dragon Edition’s to leave the English tuner and we have a full run down of specs to provide you with thanks to Refined Marques. This particular Aventador was built for Qatar dealer Luxury Signatures.

The spec sheet distinguishes between two types of external additions; functional Mira wind tunnel tested parts and carbon cosmetic parts. The Mira developed parts include a larger front center chin spoiler, new front intakes that are wider to increase airflow and cooling, new side sill intakes, new rear bumper vents, a new diffuser with longer vanes, a new rear spoiler set at 15 degrees and, finally, a larger top air box intake.

The cosmetic parts include a carbon fiber roof, carbon fibrt ‘C’ pillars, carbon fiber bonnet tops in front of ‘A’ pillars, carbon fiber mirror cover tops, a carbon fiber engine bay kit, carbon fiber kick plates and carbon fiber side sill lower vents.

Oakley Design have also carried out a variety of different interior upgrades too. Inside they have added white stitching to the interior panels, white stitching to seats, a white dragon logo on top of the door panels, a white dragon edition 1-10 identifier on the kick plate, red “Dragon Edition” brake calipers and a matt white exterior body wrap.

To increase the performance from LP700-4 to LP760-4, Oakley Design fit a titanium exhaust muffler system weighing only 6kgs, complete with Refined Marques exhaust tip. The ECU gets upgrades offered by Veizu and the suspension also gets a set of electronic tweaks. Finally, the wheels are HRE P40SC measuring 19×9.5 at the front and 20×13 at the back, both finished in gloss black.

Lamborghini Aventador Oakley Design LP760-4 Dragon Edition

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