Despite the Ferrari F40 being just over 20-years old, it still manages to capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts all around the world arguably more so than any other supercar of its era (excluding the McLaren F1 of course).

Not only was it the first production car to hit over 200mph, with a claimed top speed of 201mph, it helped celebrate the 40th birthday of the Italian company and continues to do the rounds as one of the greatest supercars ever built.

And today’s ‘Photo Of The Day’ is arguably one of the greatest photographs depicting the Ferrari F40 going around. Taken by Jacco Wilbrink on Flickr, the following image really caught our attention due to its beautiful, crisp detail which has been maintained despite the F40 pictured clearly being on the move.

Additionally, we really like this image as there is no flashy editing going on here with fake sunsets or sunrises and it’s just a stripped-down image which closely resembles the principle of the Ferrari F40 as being a bare-boned, stripped-down and hard-core street car originally designed to be the fastest car ever produced.

Thanks to Jacco Wilbrink for allowing us to use this stunning photo, and be sure to check out his Flickr page and his Facebook page.

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