The Audi TT has always been one of Audi’s most iconic sports cars. Over the years it has progressed from somewhat of a hairdresser’s car, into a true performance machine, with the range-topping TT RS producing no less than 335 horsepower from its 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine. However, if the latest rumors prove to be correct, Audi could be planning something even more special.

Autocar is reporting that the German company could be planning a multi-material version of the next TT, possibly dubbed the GT3 Edition. Although details about the possible car are scare, it is likely that it will have a target weight of 1,000kg, while maintaining the five-cylinder petrol engine from the current TT RS. Additionally, the four-wheel drive system is expected to be maintained, while a roll cage may be added to replace the rear seats, while also adding extra rigidity to the car.

Audi’s head of technical development, Wolfgang Durhemier, stated that “the TT is an iconic car for Audi and has a very interesting future”, and inspiration for this car has reportedly been drawn from the stunning 2010 Quattro concept. The TT GT3 is expected to achieve its weight saving through extensive use of lightweight steel, aluminium and carbonfibre body panels.

In order to make such materials affordable, particularly the carbon fiber, Audi is said to be working on a new injection-moulded form of carbon fiber which can be formed in less than three minutes and requires much less manual labour than traditional forms of the material.

Unfortunately if these reports are accurate, the TT GT3 will be at least three years away from hitting the production line, and in that time, Audi may have serious competition from the likes of Porsche with its latest 2013 Cayman and the lightweight editions which will inevitably follow it.

If any more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to bring it to you straightaway!

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