It goes without saying that Verde Ithaca is one of Lamborghini’s most famous colors. The unmistakable bright green produced by Lamborghini is stunning and a welcome relief in an ever-present world where supercars are becoming blander and blander with simple shades of black, silver and white becoming increasingly popular.

Fortunately, the owner of one brave McLaren 12C in the US took the dive and had his brand new supercar sprayed in this iconic colour and the results speak for themselves.

The photos were taken by Blue4reF1 over at Teamspeed and show this stunning car in all of its magnificence. Although Verde Ithaca is a trademarked colour produced exclusively for Lamborghini, if any owner waves enough cash in the face of a particular manufacturer, one can basically persuade any marque to go that extra mile to make their car that little bit more special.

We salute the owner of this car, as this particular MP4-12C looks incredible!

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  1. Is it just me or does this car looks hideous.
    The owner should have wondered why cars are never painted green, instead of advertising his bad taste.


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