SR Auto Lamborghini Gallardo Spider Project Mastermind

SR Auto Group has revealed a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider they recently fitted with a Hamann body kit. The Canadians named it Project Mastermind, a name that reminds us of yet another Gallardo Spider they showed us some time ago. The Hamann body kit features a front spoiler, a carbon fiber front splitter, Hamann side skirts and a Hamann rear lower spoiler.

For the wheels, SR Auto went to PUR Wheels fitting the Gallardo with PUR 2WO monoblock wheels sizing 20×8.5 inches in the front axle and 20×11 inches in the rear axle. They come with a modern matte black finish to complement the various black accents on the roof, hood and grilles. The final touch are Gallardo Performance decals on the hood in the front and the engine cover.

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