Via our GTspirit Facebook page we came across this Hyundai Genesis fitted with an One-77 styled body kit. The Asian sports car was spotted in Vietnam.

The front fascia resembles the Aston Martin One-77, especially when you focus on the twin front air intakes touching the front lights while flowing underneath the main bumper. The side profile with the air vents just behind the front wheels and the single horizontal line clearly found its way from the hypercar’s design. The rear air vents with LED lights, the air vents in the side sirts and the LED lights on the hood are a personal interpretation of the designer.

It took the tuner three weeks of work to come up with this particular package, which will be targetting local female customers. Bich Thuy is the owner of the vehicle. He/She choose for the supercar-like body kit to express individuality. He clearly succeeded in that!

[Via VNExpress]

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