Since Ferrari didn’t show us a full production-ready Ferrari F70 at the Paris Motor Show this, as originally expected, rumours had been circulating that it was instead scheduled for an official release at the Detroit Motor Show. Now the news from Autoblog suggests that the F70 won’t be headed their. In fact, they claim that the launch rollout plans are far from certain at the moment.

It looks almost certain that Maserati will unveil the brand new Quattroporte at the show which could be the reason for holding back on the F70. Reports suggest that Ferrari could be considering a non-motorshow major release to maximize the publicity, with a motor show release to follow at a latter date.

At the Paris Motor Show, Ferrari displayed the F70’s chassis for the first time. The new monocoque is cutting edge technology. It is said to be 20 percent lighter and but 27 percent stiffer than the Enzo’s chassis. A nomex honeycomb structure has been used which is sandwiched between two layers of hi-grade carbon fiber. Ferrari fitted a Kevlar protective plate on to the underside of the body, which protects components placed below the monocoque.

The mid-engine two-seater supercar will have a more fuel economic setup including a Formula 1-style KERS hybrid system. The total performance of the 7.3 liter V12 engine will be around 900hp, which means the F70 will have the highest horsepower of any street-legal Ferrari ever made.

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