Ferrari didn’t present the production ready F70 at the Paris Motor Show, presumably so that it didn’t clash with McLaren’s big P1 release. They gave us a glympse of the carbon fiber monocoque instead, with a promise that more will be revealed in the future. Yesterday we received a scan from the latest Ferrari Magazine, Issue 18, which appears to show the engine of the new F70 prototype!

The picture confirms little and the text is too small to read, however, it certainly shows what looks like a V12 power plant coupled to a some form of electronic power system. The engine sits near the center of the car, while the battery units sit towards the rear. Click on the header photo for a larger image.

The Ferrari F70 will feature a total weight of 1,365kg. The new monocoque is cutting edge technology. It is said to be 20 percent lighter and but 27 percent stiffer than the Enzo’s chassis. A nomex honeycomb structure has been used which is sandwiched between two layers of hi-grade carbon fiber. Ferrari fitted a Kevlar protective plate on to the underside of the body, which protects components placed below the monocoque.

Expect the Ferrari F70 to feature more than 900hp thanks to a 7.3 liter V12 engine and an electric motor. Perfect specs for a sub-three second zero to 100km/h time and a top speed in excess of 354km/h!


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