While the Virage seems too have died an early death, Aston Martin chose to update the eight-year old Aston Martin DB9 for the 2013 model year. The details were revealed today and we can confirm that styling, power and interior all receive changes. However, Aston Martin won’t be at the Paris Motor Show this year so it isn’t clear when we will get to see the car.

Apparently, Aston Martin attempted to adopt styling changes that are reminiscent of the outgoing Aston Martin Virage, so the DB9 gets a more pronounced rear boot lid spoiler, a large lower front grille with five horizontal vanes, a new front splitter, zinc bonnet vents and characteristic Aston Martin side stakes. Overall, the track is wider and the rear arches have a more muscular feel.

The engine is a new-generation V12 unit using technology developed for the upcoming Vanquish. The headline figures are 517hp and 620Nm of torque, improvements of 47hp and 20Nm respectively over the outgoing model. The changes include a revised block and head including dual variable valve timing, enlarged throttle bodies, uprated fuel pump, revised intake manifold and machined combustion chambers.

Brake rotors measure 398mm in diameter at the front and 360mm at the rear, using carbon ceramic discs and a bespoke disc bell. They are sourced through Brembo and cross drilled to help keep them clean. They save 12.5kg. New 20-inch whees are available to hide the discs in a variety of different styles.

The 2013 DB9 also gets bi-xenon headlights and LED side-repeaters. The design complies with the latest European pedestrian protection regulations too. To do so, Aston Martin tweaked several important parts including lowering the engine, fitting a new bonnet, a new front bumper construction and grille surround moulding. The pedestrian saftey features also allows them to use aluminum for the grille instead of plastics.

The 2013 DB9 gets the adaptive damping system from the Vanquish with three modes, Normal, Sport and Track. In Normal mode the damping is at its most comfortable, in Sport it is sharper while in Track it is stiffer. Aston Martin haven’t revealed the gearbox fitted to the 2013 DB9 so we suspect it will be the same 6-speed automatic and manual boxes currently on offer.

2013 DB9 Interior

Standard features now fitted to the DB9 include automatic windscreen wipers, automatic headlights, satellite navigation and an organic electroluminescent display. A reversing camera is also available. Inside, Aston Martin refined the DB9 interior. It comes with something Aston Martin call hand stitched, leather welt although other full-grain leathers are available. A leather steering wheels is fitted, adjustable seats with side airbags and embroidered headrests.

Two carbon packs are available, one for the interior and one for the exterior. The exterior pack gives you a carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser, carbon fibre mirror arms and caps and dark tailpipes. The interior pack offers a carbon fibre upper facia, carbon fibre gear selector paddles and carbon fibre door pulls. As an option, customers can spec a leather healiner.

The DB9 also retains its glass switchgear. Optional lightweight seats are available for the two-seater option, using a carbon fibre and Kevlar composite construction. They save 17kg over the standard otptions and improve comfort.

Both Coupe and Volante body styles will be available from launch. 2013 Aston Martin DB9’s are available to order now through Aston Martin dealers worldwide. The first cars will make their market debuts in the UK and Western Europe in October. Prices in The Netherlands (including local taxes) start at €266,857 for the Coupe and €283,257 for the Volante. For the UK, the price for the coupe is set at £131,995, a cool £18,000 cheaper than the Virage.

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