It seems that Jon Olsson placed his PPI Razor GTR on the market via his blog. A trip to the Ascari circuit convinced Jon that what he actually wants is a hardcore Audi R8, and the PPI Razor just isn’t extreme enough! He hasn’t listed it with a dealership yet, instead he is inviting offers by email. We learn that the car cost him around €300,000 to complete.

The basis for the project was an Audi R8 V10. PPI Design then ripped the body off, replacing every body panel with 600 gram heavy weave carbon fiber. This allowed them to create the unique PPI Razor GTR body that fits so well to the Audi R8. Ten layers of lacquer protect all that expensive carbon fiber. The glass was also removed and replaced with lightweight racing-grade Makrolon Glass.

PPI Design had to cater for the car’s intended use as a ski-resort cruiser which meant a number of unique modifications. The lower valence received reinforcement and a PPI engineered hydraulic lift system was fitted the front and rear of Jon’s Razor GTR.

The engine received a bit of work too. The V10 received a Stasis upgrade boosting it all the way up to 710hp. It’s probably the most extreme Audi R8 V10 to hit the market. As well as the engine and exterior updates, the car also features a bespoke interior. It’s been well tested with several long European and US tours, including this years Gumball 3000. Any reliability issues should now be well and truly sorted!

Take a look at Jon’s blog and our earlier article for more details.

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  1. I just bought the Audi R8 PPI GTR Razor Body kit and this kit is amasing….going to install it on my car this week…..whooo will update you guys with pics….

    Mikey Roxter

  2. Only downside is the price and the V10 which I would’ve bought a Gallardo instead if I wanted a V10 oh and the seats have his name on them -_- Its an awesome piece of work!


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