Initially there were five McLaren MP4-12C HS (High Sport) Edition models built for the original customer from Miami. The customer asked for a limited number of five models developed together with the McLaren Special Operations team. The first car was spotted at The Collection in Miami.

The series of cars is fitted with a number of upgrades, like a performance, aerodynamic and handling upgrade. The looks of the cars also changed, providing a more aggressive presence. The owner in the end allowed licensing of the design for another run of five cars to be built for other McLaren customers. Via we came across photos of number 8 that was delivered to a customer through the Toronto dealership.

A funny thing is that the first five HS Editions had a plaque in the interior that says ‘# of 5’. It would be interesting to see what the second set of cars says or if the plaque on the first five were changed to show ‘## of 10’ now.


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