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Lawyer Abandons Ferrari California in Flood

Last week in Toronto, rain was prominent which caused a large amount of flooding in the city and some surrounding areas which turned out...
McLaren MP4-12C HS Number 8 at McLaren Toronto

McLaren MP4-12C HS Edition Number 8 at McLaren Toronto

Initially there were five McLaren MP4-12C HS (High Sport) Edition models built for the original customer from Miami. The customer asked for a limited...
Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition For Sale

For Sale: Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition

We recently spotted a Gemballa Mirage GT for sale in the Canadian city of Toronto. The car in question is the 2005 Gemballa Mirage...

Photo Of The Day: Porsche Carrera GT

Donnie, a new member in our GTspirit forum, has shared a great gallery of pictures with us. Jiaden Chow took the pictures of Donnie's...