Ferrari 458 Spider Owner Drives Over Police Officer's Foot

This is one of the stranger videos we’ve seen. YouTube user Damrys7 happened to be walking through Soho, New York City recently. He spots a Ferrari 458 Spider getting ticketed and he starts to film thinking it would make a cool video. What happens next is incredibly stupid. The owner turns up, clearly not wanting the ticket, moves the car and appears to ends up driving over the police officers foot.

Take a look at the video for a full explanation of what happened. Apparently the girlfriend is Stephanie Pratt from US reality TV show, The Hills.

[Via Luxury4Play]


  1. should the driver have attempted to move the car, probably not. should the policeman have placed his foot under the tyre without the driver knowing, definitely not. punching the side window then tearing the guy out the car, hurling him violently to the ground, then cuffing him (and leaving him there) was unacceptable. Extreme response by a policeman who “lost it”.

  2. I’m starting to not like this site as much as before I’m a car lover i don’t think this should be on the site maybe more europeans shuould take care of the site

  3. I personally support that kind of police work. The driver didn’t expect that to happen and that is why he acted so arrogant! If that kind of police work would be as standard, the driver wouldn’t be so arrogant and would nicely cooperate with the police man. The police officers did gave him a lesson which the drivers parents didnt gave him or learnt him.

  4. Money + Exotic car = logic???

    Your friend (in this case, the car was property of the blonde women) owns a 6 figures exotic car but you judge worthful fighting over a dang parking ticket with a not-so-patient police officer?? I totally agree with the treatment that douche received.

    My two cents..

    Exotic italian car : 300k+
    Deluxe hotel room suites : 1k+
    Parking ticket: 60$
    Getting your douche ass kicked on camera : priceless (as always)


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